We are entirely funded by individuals who are passionate about the valuable and important work we do in supporting those within the marketplace across Scotland.

In order to ensure the continuation of this work and continue to develop Thrive Scotland, we need to increase the level of support we receive. The Business Connection (SC045163) is the parent charity of Thrive Scotland.

Please seriously consider if you are able to join us: To request a Standing Order form including Gift Aid or our bank details so that you can donate online, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

To donate by cheque please make it payable to "The Business Connection" and send it to Jim Grimmer (Trustee) at The Business Connection,

c/o P3 Business Care, Provender House, 37 Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen, AB11 5BS.

Thank you for whatever you may be able to give to support us. To donate online please click on the Donate button below:

The Business Connection, Scottish charity number SC045163 is the parent charity of Thrive Scotland

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