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matters to God.

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We all have an everyday context that’s significant to God, full of people who matter to God. But can we see how God might have been working in and through us on our frontlines? And can we imagine what more God might want to do there?

Brimming with real-life stories, biblical insight, and practical steps, these resources will spark your imagination and enrich your sense of wonder at the greatness and grace of the God who invites us to join his glorious work.

The suite includes a book (for individual reading) and small group series (including videos), which explore six ‘M’s – six expressions of fruitfulness:

1. Modelling godly character

On our frontlines, godly character is both modelled and displayed

2. Making good work

There is dignity and value in the everyday tasks we do

3. Ministering grace & love

God has shown us grace and love, how might we minister to those around us?

4. Moulding culture

How can we influence the culture on our frontlines so people flourish more?

5. Mouthpiece for truth & justice

Becoming champions of right living and fair dealing on our frontlines

6. Messenger of the gospel

Growing in confidence in talking about Jesus with people on our frontlines

Small group course

Combining biblical teaching from Mark Greene and inspiring real-life stories, these eight video-based sessions will help you and your group see how you can make a difference on your frontlines and support one another along the way.

Growing on the Frontline

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This is an eight-session small group course that will help you do just that. Because when we nourish the roots of our faith, we’ll see the fruit of our faith – as God works through us to transform the places we’re in and love the people we’re with.

And when we work with God to grow more like his Son, meeting our needs in him rather than our own strength, we can live more authentically for him – using our whole selves for his glory.

This course is the sequel to the hugely popular Fruitfulness on the Frontline – together they make a great two-term series

Guided by videos featuring hosts Tim Yearsley and Ennette Lainchbury, walk through eight sessions full of biblical insight, real-life stories, and practical steps:

1. Growing wherever we are

Explore how God can help us grow more like Jesus in the everyday places and situations in which we find ourselves.

2. Our choices affect our fruitfulness

Our choices lead to consequences, whether we realise it or not. We look at how the choices we make affect the fruit we bear.

3. Our desires influence our choice

Explore what often lies beneath the choices we make – the desires of our hearts.

4. Our emotions reveal our desires

Dig deeper into how we can identify some of our more powerful desires by noticing our emotions.

5. Maturing in every season

Explore some of the different seasons of life, and how we can work with God to grow in maturity through them.

6. Going deeper with God in tough times

Dig deeper into the most challenging season, winter, and consider God’s invitation to push our roots more deeply into him in this season.

7. Turning inner growth into fruitful action

Put together all we’ve learnt, so we can grow in the freedom to respond as Jesus would to the situations we’re in.

8. Sustaining growth on the frontline

Explore how we can embed what we’ve been learning throughout this course, looking at three ways we can grow and be fruitful over the long haul.


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Global Faith & Work Initiative

,A ministry of Redeemer City to City, equips, connects, and mobilises churches and city networks around the world for gospel-centered faith and work ministry. City to City’s mission is to prayerfully help leaders start and strengthen churches to advance the gospel together in their city. Its vision is to see the gospel of Jesus Christ transform lives and impact cities.

A variety of resources are available at

Ken Costa

Ken is passionate about helping others feel connected and at peace with God, themselves, and their neighbours in a society that often excludes spirituality from the working world. Through teachings and books, he reveals how to find purpose in a volatile, uncertain and anxious world.

God at Work comprises 12 essential conversations to inspire the way you work.

All you need to watch and download right HERE

Start your own conversation and transform how your faith impacts your work.

The Everything Course

The Everything Course

This small group 6 week course is designed to give us both the biblical foundation and practical application for how we can all play our part in the renewal of culture

Each week consists of four main parts:

  • Talk

  • Discussion

  • In Practice

  • Prayer

You can access the videos and if hosting, the course guide here

The Character Course

Put simply, The Character Course brings together the most up-to-date psychology with ancient biblical wisdom. In eight sessions, it covers key themes of Christian discipleship: learning, hope, love, forgiveness, gratitude, humour, persistence and curiosity.

In summary it's a small group programme for churches with a psychological twist

Access the course here.

Living for Jesus at Work

These four resources seek to inspire and equip Christians to faithfully live for Jesus in their workplaces. The resources include tips for sharing the gospel and information on their legal rights and freedoms in the work context as well as tackle conscience issues Christians may face in the workplace, and where to seek support and accountability.

Living for Jesus at work

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Evangelical Alliance
Evangelical Alliance

The Business Connection, Scottish charity number SC045163 is the parent charity of Thrive Scotland